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An arrest is not only overwhelming, but it also interferes with the way you live your life. For most, it’s understandably difficult to enjoy many aspects of life if you have a criminal case hanging over your head, especially if it’s one that could result in a jail sentence. However, this is not a journey you need to take alone—nor should you. At the criminal defense law firm of Rappaport & Delaney, our dedicated team of lawyers has decades of experience defending the rights of clients charged with all types of crimes, from first-time OUIs to homicide and everything in between. We represent clients in all types of criminal cases, throughout Barnstable and Middlesex County.

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Types of Cases We Handle in Middlesex and Barnstable Counties

At Rappaport & Delaney, Attorneys Steven J. Rappaport and Sean T. Delaney have over 75 years of hands-on experience handling a wide range of criminal cases in Barnstable and Middlesex Counties. While we handle almost every type of case prosecutors could think to bring, the majority of our clients call upon us to represent them in the following matters:


As one of the go-to OUI defense law firms in both Barnstable County and Middlesex County, we handle more OUI cases in a year than many lawyers do their entire careers. Whether it’s your first OUI arrest or you’ve been charged with operating under the influence causing death, we have handled similar cases in the past and are prepared to fight on your behalf at every step of the way. 

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes are some of the most serious criminal offenses in the state, and prosecutors routinely seek lengthy jail sentences for anyone convicted of a violent crime. At the same time, there are a number of incredibly strong defenses that often apply in these cases, which can result in the government extending an offer to plead to a less serious offense or an acquittal at trial.

Theft Offenses

Theft offenses range in seriousness from low-level misdemeanor shoplifting cases to complex felony fraud cases. At Rappaport & Delaney, we have extensive experience defending clients charged with retail theft, identity theft, larceny and embezzlement.

Drug Charges

Despite changing attitudes towards marijuana, Massachusetts law still provides harsh penalties for anyone convicted of drug possession. However, the most serious drug crimes involve allegations of unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, or possession with intent to manufacture.

Gun Crimes

Given the strict gun laws in Massachusetts, even well-intentioned gun owners can find themselves in hot water if they fail to comply with the law’s complex requirements. For example, carrying a firearm in a prohibited place or without the proper license can result in criminal charges. Leaving a loaded handgun in an unattended car is also a crime.

Domestic Violence Allegations

Domestic violence offenses are typically charged as either assault on a family or household member or assault and battery on a family or household member. These crimes punish conduct aimed at intimidating, threatening, or injuring someone you were married to, dating, or share a child with. Even a first-time domestic violence conviction carries up to 2.5 years in jail, so it is imperative to take these charges seriously, even if the alleged victim indicates they are not going to come to court.

Serious Charges Demand a Serious Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’ve been arrested for a crime in Barnstable or Middlesex County, it is imperative that you find a criminal defense attorney who will take your case as seriously as you do. At Rappaport & Delaney, our team of Massachusetts criminal defense lawyers is dedicated to ensuring each of our clients’ cases ends in the best result possible. Whether we’re investigating the allegations against you, negotiating with prosecutors, arguing to keep potentially harmful evidence out of trial or litigating your case in front of the jury, we have what it takes to provide you with the defense you need, deserve and are legally entitled to. To learn more about how we can help, give Rappaport & Delaney a call at (978) 454-8103 to schedule a free consultation. You can also reach us through our online contact form. We proudly represent clients in Barnstable County and Middlesex County.

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Sean Delaney is excellent at what he does. Patient and extremely intelligent. Took the time to go over things with me piece by piece and handled everything professionally and thoroughly. Would 100% recommend.

Colby B.

Atty Sean Delaney is not just an attorney but an attorney that goes over and above for his clients even when not asked to. He's diligent and caring and conscience of his clients needs without reservation. I highly suggest anyone needing a criminal defense attorney give this terrific man and...

Momma A.

He's a very smart and stand up lawyer everyone should know that I shouldn't even have to be telling this he's a hundred percent the best option and I would refer him to anyone.

Derek L.

Excellent criminal defense and personal injury lawyers. Attorney Rappaport and Attorney Delaney are two attorneys that I wholeheartedly recommend and endorse to handle any matter.

Ryan S.

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